LAHORE - The high-level judicial commission investigating the May 2 raid by US commandos at bin Laden compound in Abbottabad has not received any information from the public, despite its appeals published in various newspapers. The BBC reported officials as telling on Friday that not even a single person has contacted the commission, though the investigative body had assured the people that names of the informants will be kept secret giving the sensitivity of the matter. The report said that officials privy to commissions working stated it to be a huge setback for the commission, which had told the people to access it at certain phone numbers by July 31. The commission, they said, hoped that it would receive vital information and evidences not only from civilians, but some armed forces personnel and government officials too could contact the commission giving its assurances of keeping the informants veiled. The officials said that the commission has so far got only the official version and after its failure to get the 'other side of the picture, its performance and findings could be compromised to a great deal. In its meeting held so far various officials of the army and other institutions appeared before the commission and gave briefings and answered to the queries of the members. The ISI chief was scheduled to appear before the commission, headed by Justice Javed Iqbal, on August 1, but that meeting was cancelled. The date for next hearing of the commission is yet to be announced.