ISLAMABAD - The crises-hit country is likely to face another shock in the form of LPG price hike as Ogra has jacked up the prices of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) by Rs 9 per kg and issued a notification in this regard. The new prices will be implemented with immediate effect. After this fresh hike, the local LPG will be sold at Rs114 per kilogram and domestic cylinder at Rs 1,348, imported LPG price is now Rs 126 per kg and domestic cylinder at Rs 487 while mixed LPGs new price will be Rs 117 and domestic cylinders new price will be Rs 1,376. It will cost Rs 108 extra to purchase a new domestic cylinder while commercial user will pay Rs 432 more per cylinder. According to new notification, the price of imported LPG will be fixed at Rs 126 per kg. The mixed LPG would cost Rs 117. LPG price in the international market has gone up by $26 per metric ton. Earlier, it was predicted that a new liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) policy being formulated by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources which expectedly will cause an increase of 16 per cent in the prices of locally-produced LPG due to imposition of petroleum levy.