Interior Minister Rehman Malik today said Pakistan is committed to work with India to root out terrorism, which can be eliminated only when "all countries work together with a collective responsibility". "We show our firm resolve to cooperate with India and the international community to work together to end this menace (terrorism)," Malik said in a message posted on micro-blogging website Twitter. "Terrorism can only be eliminated when all countries work together with a collective responsibility to fight terrorism," he said. Malik expressed his appreciation for his Indian counterpart P Chidambaram's remarks linking the bomb attacks in Mumbai on July 13 to a "home-grown" terrorist module. "I condemn the recent acts of terrorism by the local home-grown terrorists in Bombay, on peaceful and innocent people," Malik tweeted. The Interior Minister contended that Pakistan and India "can play a great and decisive role together for peace and stability of this region". "The people of Pakistan and India are suffering from home-grown terrorism. Extremism, in all its forms, needs to end," he added. Malik called for an "open discussion" on the issue and sought "honest suggestions" to ensure a "terrorism-free region". He wished Chidambaram the "best of luck in dealing with terrorists who are enemies of humanity". "I (have) great trust in his abilities (and) wisdom," He he said. Malik was, however, silent on Chidambaram's recent call for Pakistan to ensure the speedy prosecution of the perpetrators of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.