ISLAMABAD The PPP-led ruling coalition is reluctant in submitting auditor general reports of its last two years in power to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) ostensibly to hide its corruption, sources said on Friday. According to the sources, despite various reminders by the PAC, the government is allegedly delaying the process to avoid the exposure of irregularities committed by it during the past two years. For fear of its corruption, the government is trying to delay submission of audit reports to the PAC for indefinite period, the sources said. The government was touchy about these audit reports and was trying to get these reports delayed until next term, they added. PAC Chairman Ch Nisar Ali Khan is expected to return to the country in few days and he will take up the matter with the government. The PAC over the past three and half years had unearthed mega scams pertaining to President Musharafs period and recovered billions of rupees.