ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has finalised all the arrangements for a sit-in (dahrna) in front of the Parliament House today (Saturday). PTI Chairman Imran Khan will lead the protests. The schedule of events includes iftari and Namaz-e-Taraveeh followed by speeches and political skits by renowned artists. Details of the sit-in were shared during a press conference addressed by Akbar S Babar, Vice President Information and Media Management, Zahid Hussein Kazmi, Chairman Media Advisor, Col Younus Raza, CEC member, and Ali Awan, Coordinater Dharna Event. The PTI leaders demanded governor rule in Sindh under a non-partisan governor who could restore peace in Karachi. The PTI leaders hoped that the sit-in would be a turning point in Pakistans politics. They said the country was slipping into chaos and anarchy. It is the responsibility of all citizens to come out and demand the resignation of the present corrupt and inept government. The PTI leaders said the time had come for the Supreme Court to get its decisions implemented in every possible way. The government was committing contempt of the court and the people expected of the Supreme Court to initiate contempt proceedings even against the PM irrespective of any other considerations, they opined. The PTI leaders said the death and destruction in Karachi was a result of political mafias fighting to control the bhatta trade. The three political parties in Sindh had failed to provide good governance, they said, adding instead they had destroyed the law enforcement agencies by politicising them.