LAHORE The Punjab Emergency Department Rescue 1122 has to suffer Rs 100 million loss as about all the 16 Recovery Vehicles (RVs) purchased with the said amount have been made off-road in one-way or the other as none of them is operational to carry the break-down vehicles across the Punjab, it is learnt. Out of total 17 RVs of Rescue 1122, only one RV is operational, which was purchased against over Rs 6 million and fulfilled all the requirements in lifting the break-down vehicles or used to rescue damaged vehicles in flood-hit areas. The RV is used to lift break-down vehicles or those rickshaws, cars and mini buses, which are badly damaged during any kind of accident. Whereas all the five RVs of the City Traffic Police and 22 RVs of Punjab Highway Patrol (PHP) have been performing upto the mark in the City and the Punjab respectively since long as no RV has been reported dysfunctional so far. Informed sources in the Punjab Emergency Services Academy told that the winch, about 15 feet long metallic rod which is the main part of the RV of Rescue 1122, is itself broken down before it lifts any break-down vehicle comprised five tons weight. The specification of the Rescue 1122, however, says as: Electrically operated winch will have pulling capacity not less than five tons with corded remote having minimum 15 feet length. It should have suitable steel cable roped of minimum 150 lengths running over the pulley at rear with hook at the free end. According to sources, the substandard winches of 16 RVs were unable to pick the specified weight. Citing a couple of examples, they said the winch of an RV of Rescue 1122 was broken in Faisalabad in past where the RV could not pick a break-down Mehran car of only 900 kilogram. On which Faisalabad DEO wrote a letter to Ahmed Medics (the company, which claims on its website of establishing the entire structure of Rescue 1122) and complained regarding substandard RV. However, the issue was hushed up by the intervention of a 'hidden-hand. Reportedly, the winch of RV was also broke down near Raiwind Road area where RV was sent to rescue a rickshaw, which was turned turtle and fell into a drain. In order to conceal the matter from the 'sharp-eyes of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif when Punjab Anti-Corruption (Establishment) asked the Rescue 1122 to allow them for inspection of RVs, the Provincial Monitoring Officer of Rescue-1122 Dr M Yahya Butt wrote a letter (No 520/2011/Proc) to the Lahore Region Anti-Corruption Establishment saying: Due to upcoming flood seasons, the Service is extremely busy in pre-flood planning and preparedness for effective management of flood emergencies. Furthermore, the under reference vehicles are operational vehicles and also be used during the flood operations, therefore, these vehicles cannot be spared for inspection. In the prevailing circumstances, we are extremely regretful to give date of appointment for the inspection of these vehicles. However, the same shall be communicated to you soon after the flood emergency is over. The Rescue 1122 DG, when contacted to know his version about the dysfunctional vehicles, said: No, no, not at all, RV is not meant to pick break-down vehicle; this is to save human lives from wells, drain or canals. However contrary to DGs claim, the design and specification of RVs under the use of Rescue 1122 clearly shows that they are not meant to lift trapped persons from wells, drains etc. According to the c-clause of titled Powers to Manage Emergencies of the Punjab Emergency Service Act 2006, these vehicles are meant to protect persons or vehicles from danger, potential danger, assault or battery from other person. Chief Traffic Officer Ahmed Mobin said: It is not fair to say that RV is not used for recovery work. I have five (three old and two new) RVs and 14 Folk Lifters and they can even pick mini buses in some cases on their hydraulic pads and never ever it was reported that winch of RV was broken down. Punjab Police Assistant Director Welfare and Finance Mobin Qureshi told that all of the RVs were German and Italian-made and the decision to import such vehicles was carefully taken as none of the local companies was meeting the international standard in this regard. He said a number of foreign companies offered their prototypes of RVs but the selected one was further tested for not less than three years and after that the order was placed for 26 RVs. According to him, each RV was purchased against Rs 645, 0000 (Rs 6.4 million), adding these RVs were durable. He, however, revealed that Punjab Police needed 35 RVs but the funds provided by the central government were insufficient so only 26 RVs were imported.