ISLAMABAD As Pakistan and Iran have only one international crossing point but strong recommendation for opening additional international crossing points is simmering on back burner. The proposal seems to hit a snag as both country after recommendation from Pakistan-Iran Joint Commission on Road Transportation could not move inch forward even for initial deliberation, it was learnt. A couple of months before, Pakistan-Iran Joint Commission on Road Transportation had recommended that Pakistan and Iran should open two additional international crossing points at Pishin (Iran)-Mand (Pakistan) as well as Gabd (Pakistan) - Reemdan (Iran) for promotion of trade and commerce between the two counties. These joint recommendations were signed at the concluding session of the 7th Pakistan-Iran Joint Commission on Road Transportation meeting. As both the countries have only one international crossing point, the two sides had also deliberated the problems being faced by the Transporters and traders at the crossing point of Taftan-Mirjaveh and agreed to resolve them. Senior Communication Ministry officials said that it was discussed to boost trade between two countries with the opening of two more links. No further measures have been taken in this regard as even initial modalities were also not deliberated as yet, he said. It is relevant to mention here that earlier both sides in their recommendations have also discussed visa abolition for drivers of trucks/ trailers/ buses just to facilitate people to people contacts and economy activity between two counties. Pakistans National Highway Authority had already incurred an amount of Rs 2.3 billion during last three years on maintenance/ rehabilitation of 605 km Quetta-Taftan Highway (N-40) and plans to upgrade the road to international standards in future.