ISLAMABAD (INP) - The water reservoirs exceeded 8.046 million acre feet on Friday, according to the Flood Forecasting Division. It said water in Tarbela Dam rose 115 feet over the dead level and Mangla Dam was running 156 feet over the dead level. According to the Flood Forecasting Division, the usable water in Tarbela Dam is 3.672 million acre feet while the reserve stood at 4.256 million acre feet in the Mangla. Tarbela Dam is receiving 172,900 cusecs of water with outflow of 150,000 cusecs while Mangla Dam is running at 1196.85 feet. Its inflow is 23,099 cusecs and it is discharging 15,000 cusecs. Meanwhile, Chashma Barrage has usable water reserves at 118,000 acre feet with inflow at 189,814 cusecs and outflow at 178,000 cusecs. The Chenab River is receiving 58,503 cusecs of water at Marala and discharging 24,720 cusecs.