LALAMUSA - Three youth drowned while taking a bath in Head Marala and in a local nallah in separate incidents while two others were rescued.

Four friends Usman, Ali, Tayyab and Zubair went to Head Murala for bathing. While they were swimming, they went into deep waters, started losing control and making hue and cry to attract the attention of people. The Rescue 1122 personals rushed to save them but two of them namely Tayyab and Zubair, residents of Sialkot, drowned.

Similarly Yaser, 25, a resident of village Kotla, drowned in a nullah passing beside the village. His dead body was recovered after hectic efforts.

It is worth mentioning that the district administration has imposed a ban on swimming in canals, rivers and nullas in the district Under Section 144. The other day, more than three dozen violators were arrested by the police but even then the people particularly young ones do not abide by the law.

HORSE DIES: A tanga or horse cart along with its passengers while passing through a nullah was swept away by a sudden torrent of rainwater near village Kaklianwala. However, the passengers and coachman were saved but the horse died.