SIALKOT - Federal Minister for National Regulation and Services Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said that the government had approved an “effective and multi-dimensional” plan to save Bajwat villages during the expected floods by streamlining and diverting floodwater in River Tavi to direct the Head Marala.

She was talking to the media at her office in her native village Koobay Chak on Sunday. The minister said the federal government had already provided all the needed funds to the Punjab government, enabling it to start implementation on the plan.

She said that during every monsoon, the floodwater overflows of River Tavi, which inundates the crops, besides washing away cattle in the Bajwat villages. Taking serious notice of the situation, the federal government had finally approved a flood-fighting plan after consultation with Pakistan Flood Commission, she added.

The vital step would be helpful to save as many as 85 far-off villages from floods, she said and added that the flood situation was totally under control in River Chenab near Head Marala-Sialkot and in River Tavi near Saidpur-Bajwat. She observed that the water level was rapidly receding in these rivers, which were earlier overflowing due to ongoing fresh spell of heavy rains.

The minister said that she was fully aware of flood situation in these rivers falling in her constituency and she was round-the-clock monitoring the flood situation. She said that a peak of 184,000 cusecs floodwater in River Chenab had passed through Head Marala Barrage near Sialkot late Saturday night. Now, the floodwater was continuously receding in River Chenab at Head Marala-Sialkot. The flow of water was only 96,000 cusecs in River Chenab at Head Marala, 22,458 cusecs in River Jammu Tavi and 6,284 cusecs in River Munaawar near Saidpur and Bajwat on Sunday.

The federal minister added that the government had made an effective flood-fighting strategy and adopting all out safety and preventive measure to save the country from the recurring flood threats under the supervision of Pakistan Flood Commission.

She said that she was with the people of the Bajwat’s flood-hit villages and would not let them alone during the situation.