ISLAMABAD  – Office bearers of four major fertilizer  factories employees unions have demanded of the government to ensure sufficient natural gas for the fertilizer manufacturing units to make the country self sufficient in fertilizers production.

The office bearers of the federation said  that all major fertilizers producing units were provided only 25 per cent gas during last financial year. They informed that these plants were the source of livelihood of about 70,000 families and gas is not supplied to these units, thousands of workers will lose jobs.

They also said that and thousands of other families were indirectly connected with the sector who will also suffer.

They feared that if the situation persists, the administration of the fertilizer units may down size the labour, which would  result in unemployment in the country.

They urged the government to minimize the gas supply for the CNG  sector as the sector has many other alternatives and fertilizer sector has no other option for running its plants.