With the elections coming nearer, the PML-N has perhaps started its election campaign – by accusing Imran Khan of using Shaukat Khanum Hospital funds in real estate speculations. For our political parties and leaders election campaigns mean flinging mud at their rival politicians. It is obvious that the PML-N is getting even with Khan who keeps criticising the Sharif family for its alleged involvement in corruption and money laundering. Instead of resorting to blame games and mudslinging, our politicians should make public their election manifestos.

They should tell us how they plan to end loadshedding, control inflation and corruption and improve law and order. In other democratic countries like the UK, the USA, and even India, this blame game forms only a minor part of the election campaigns while the main focus is on real issues. Politicians in these countries try to win voters by debates and presenting solutions to the problems. This has never happened in this land of pure and is not likely to happen in the near future too.

Zaheer Ahmed,

Islamabad, August 5.