SADIQABAD - The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam has strongly condemned atrocities committed against the Rohingya Muslim community in Myanmar as well as in Syria.

JUI Punjab deputy spokesman Mufti Noman said that in Berma and Syria, thousands of Muslims have been killed and a number of women have been raped and their houses are being set ablaze. However, they said, the international community and the Muslim world are taking no action against the massacre of the Muslims. They urged the Organisation of Islamic Countries to take solid steps to stop the Muslims’ killings.  On the occasion, JUI Sadiqabad Secretary General Hafiz Saeed and Rahim Yar Khan Secretary Hafiz Nasir  and others were also present.

He also said that it is not less than a tragedy that a huge number of the Muslims have been killed while the government has not so far protested to the Burma government against the atrocities. In response to local and international media reports suggesting widespread killings of Muslims, he said that the prosecution of the Muslim would not be tolerated. He added that persecution of a particular community in such manner is blatant violation of fundamental humanitarian principles. The Burmese government’s silence on mass killings of Rohingya Muslims is disturbing. He also urged the Pakistani government to mobilise diplomatic efforts on urgent basis to stop the potential genocide of Muslims in Myanmar. The JUI leader also urged the international community to pressure the Burmese government to take urgent measures for ending the massacre.

He further said that the so-called Sasta Ramazan bazaars were providing no relief to the masses.

On the other side, he added, the rulers were hoodwinking the people by visiting these bazaars. He also criticised the crippling loadshedding in the region like other parts of the country.