My elder sister passed her FSc in 2002. When she was still waiting for the announcement of her results, my parents got her admitted to a private college. The college received a handsome amount on account of admission fees, first semester fees, security deposit, miscellaneous fees, etc.

When the Intermediate Board announced results, she got good marks and got admission to a state-run college. My parents again paid for her admission fees, first semester fees, security deposit, etc, though it was much less as compared to the amount previously paid to the private institution. Why payment of such huge amounts at two colleges? Being a child, I did not understand the mystery then.

Now that I am waiting for my FSc results, I am also confronting the same problem. Intermediate Board, Karachi, has yet to announce the results, but all private colleges have already started their admission process. To start off with their money-making game, they are publishing colourful and eye-catching advertisements in newspapers. College/university prospectus which do not actually cost more than Rs100 to Rs200 are being sold at Rs1500 to Rs2000. They are offering admissions on the basis of first-year marks, their own entrance test and interviews. All interested students and parents have to sign an undertaking (on a stamped paper in certain cases) to the effect that in case the student decides to take admission in some other college or God forbid if he fails in Intermediate, he will not have any right to claim refund of admission fees, first semester fees and other miscellaneous fees deposited by him.

The amount which is deposited at the time of admission ranges from Rs70,000 to Rs90,000, depending on the college you are applying for admission. Owing to the present orthodox examination system, the poor parents fear that their ward may not obtain sufficient marks in the board examinations or might fail in the entrance examinations. I have seen parents of even bright students getting blackmailed by these private institutions while seeking admission after paying hefty amounts.

However, when their wards qualify for admission in state-run institutions, these private institutions do not refund even a single paisa and thus earn huge sums without making any effort and without actually imparting education. This happens due to a faulty admission system prevailing in the country. Just imagine how much money these private colleges are earning by selling their prospectus and by not refunding fees paid by student who do not continue their education with them.

I request the authorities concerned, especially the ministry of education, to take strict notice of this undesirable activity and put a ban on any type of advertisements or admissions in private colleges till results have been announced by the board and state-run institutions have completed their admissions process.

I assure you that by adopting such measures all poor parents will be able to save their hard-earned money and no private institution will be able to blackmail them and earn money, which is not their lawful right. Please note that this is not happening only in the case of Intermediate Board, rather this activity is on prior to the announcement of Matriculation results also.


Karachi, August 5.