KARACHI - A delegation of Hezbollah Sunday called on PML-N leader Salim Zia. 

The delegation comprised Dr Ahmad Malli, Incharge, political bureau of Hezbollah Lebanon, Dr Haidar Dekmak, head of International al Quds Association and Sabir Karbalai, spokesman of Palestine Foundation. PML-N leaders Tanvir Tanoli, Azhar Hamdani and others were also present. Talking to the delegates, Salim Zia said the PML-N considered Hezbollah as a legitimate resistance to foreign occupation. He said that Hezbollah was a political reality of Lebanese politics as well. He said that Hezbollah’s struggle against Israel was also a legitimate struggle. He said that Pakistanis support their struggle. He said that United States and Israel are the world’s known terrorists. He said that wars imposed by US on Iraq and Afghanistan has further exposed the imperialist power US. “We have always supported Palestine cause. We shall continue our support to Hezbollah at all forums,” he asserted. Dr Malli said that the martyr chief of Hezbollah Abbas Mousavi had loved Pakistan very much and we also do so. Pakistan was the first country and Nawaz was the first prime minister who had condoled with us over the martyrdom of Abbas Mousavi.