KARACHI - Power supply to the city was partially restored on Sunday morning after the tripping of the 500-KV Jamshoro transmission line.

“The fault has now been repaired and 22 out of out of the 64 tripped grid stations have started functioning, partially restoring the electricity supply to parts of Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Federal B Area, Azizabad, Defence, Clifton etc.,” KESC official sources said.

Sources said that most of the areas in Malir, Bin Qasim, Shah Faisal Colony, Quaidabad and Ladhi were still remained without electricity. KESC spokesman appoligised to the people of Karachi for major breakdown and said that the cause of the power breakdown was not identified but the restoration of the system was under way.

He claimed that the electricity city supply was being restored, adding that the power would be restored in the whole city within two to three hours.

At around 8pm on Saturday, the power outage affected mostly southern parts of Karachi including Saddar, Defence, PECHS, Clifton and their surrounding areas.

Breakdown causes water shortfall: Electricity outage at Gharo, Pipri and Dhabeji pumping stations did not only caused 500 million gallon shortfall in the water supply it also caused heavy damage to Karachi Wat gallon daily, which is pumped, from Dhabeji to Karachi via Gharo and Pipri stations, a statement issued by Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) said here Sunday.

Due to fluctuation in the pressure, a 72-inch diameter water line burst around 5am in the morning whereas, two pumps were severely damaged in the process. After the disruption in supply from Dhabeji, Karachi relied on Hub pumping station for water supply.

 however, another outage caused by technical fault in K.E.S.C lines completely disconnected the water supply to the metropolis.

Managing Director KW&SB Misbauddin Farid taking immediate notice of the situation surveyed the situation at Dhabeji, Gharo and Pipri, where the supply was resumed under his supervision at about 9:00 pm.

The supply was disrupted once again when a string of technical faults in K.E.$.C’s system erupted not only severely damaging Water board pumps and other equipment but also causing a 72-inch diameter line to burst due to fluctuated pressure. Electric supply to hub pumping station was disrupted simultaneously.

Chief Engineer Zaheer Abbas went to Dhabeji with his team as soon as the line burst to start the repair. Water supply was resumed at 9:00 am on Sunday morning under supervision of C.E Zaheer Abbas.

The electricity outage and disruption in the supply did not only damage the water supply equipment. It also damaged the sewerage systems especially in the old city area and sewerage lines in the south region, where seweraglines leaked at several spots. Moreover, sewerage equipment at Jameela Pumping Station Ranchor Line, Lee Market pumping station, Chakewara pumping station and Clifton Pumping Station is gravely damaged.

The MD KW&SB is personally supervising the repair of maintenance of the equipment. KW&SB has also appealed to the citizens to use water carefully.