ISLAMABAD - Despite loadshedding, inflation and rising temperature, Eid shoppers are high in spirit to buy accesories related to Eid and visiting various markets and shopping malls of twin cities or Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

As soon as mid of Ramadan approaches, those preparing their families and themselves for Eid, start shopping various items related to Eid incuding apparels, children garments, fashion accessories and other products.

Mostly women seem busy to get every thing for their family to celebrate Eid in beffiting manner  while children look more excited to celebrate the festivity in a colorful way.

“Due to price hike, it seems diffuicult to get every thing but still people go for affordable or expansive things as the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr comes once in a year and people celebrate it in a festive mood,” said Ajmal, a shop owner at a local market.

Constant loadshedding and rising temperature is also a hurdle for shopping during day hours and mostly people prefer to go for shopping in evening as markets become crowdy  in late hours, he said. The trend of arranging special exhibitions for women and children before Eid has been increased during the last few years bringing both shopping opportunity for buyers and huge revenues for sellers.

Days before Eid, popular and unknown brands setup their stalls at corners of markets while dress and jewellery designers select hotels and art galleries to display their products for status conscious people.

Besides popular brands, home based workers including females also create Eid stuff and demonstrate their skills during Eid days which not only bring respectful earning for them but also keep them aware of new trends according to the market needs.  The federal capital gets many display centers during these days when almost all the ideal venues fill up by the designers, jewellery dealers and children garment sellers.

Besides displaying typical stuff related to women and children, the last days before Eid also invite bangles and henna experts on these stalls specifically arranged for females.

“The days after mid of Ramadan provide us with perfect extravaganza on affordable rates while matching practices become fulfilled on these exhibitions,” said Myra, a visitor at an exhibition.

“Arranging exhibitions are a way of getting more profits with less investment as rented outlets have become expensive and buyers visit the outlets mostly during the last days of Eid, a private event management company official said,

These shows only need marketing and better display opportunities to attract maximum visitors with a variety to meet their needs of choosing perfect accessories for Eid, the official said.