I always find people criticising the carelessness of our political leaders and failure of the political system. They are of the view that our political leaders are not sincere about solving our problems and sustaining law and order. I do agree with those people but to be honest we are wrong too. I pass through Alam Chowk, Gujranwala, daily. In the evenings the chowk has heavy traffic. Two city police constables and some Motorway police employees too serve there. They carry sticks in their hands and whistles. They ask people to wait for their turn to avoid traffic jams but the moment the officer moves to the centre of the chowk to stop the running side of the road, motorcyclists and cyclists start moving from all sides at once which causes a terrible traffic jam.

I notice the officers standing helplessly while drivers drive into a terrible jam. It is we, the people, who are irresponsible. We criticise our leaders for not implementing the law. But we don’t change ourselves by keeping some restraint and tolerance. The whole of Hafizabad Road is full of dust; we can easily get rid of the pollution by paving our home-front which will only cost us a few thousand rupees. The government has made a big water channel on the side of Hafizabad Road and had fixed a fence towards the roadside for rainwater but we closed those fences for making a smooth connection between our shops and the road. Now when it rains, it ends in a puddle. We complain about others but never want to play our own role.


Gujranwala, August 5.