LAHORE – The business community, while showing concern over blockage of streets on the pretext of security, has said that so much so has been written in media and directions have been issued by judiciary but all in vain. They agitated on the miseries of the masses residing in various private housing societies and LDA schemes.

They siad that influential persons in the LDA schemes, including Gulshan-e-Ravi area, have installed gates on roads leading to various directions particularly markets, and converted it in playgrounds  poultry forms and personal garages for parking their vehicles causing lot of hardships to the business community as well as the residents. Previously, half-hearted steps have been taken by LDA but the gates are there. LDA administration advised the gate owners to de-screw the gates for the time being and later they are again installed. The inactiveness of LDA administration has encouraged encroachers to expand their feet.

Anjuman-e-Tajiran Lahore president Tariq Feroze observed that theft and dacoity incidents have increased with the installation of gates with connivance of un-registered security companies guards. He appealed to the authorities concerned that the gates infrastructures be completely demolished and confiscated besides registering criminal cases against the culprits.