BAJAUR AGENCY - The tribesmen of Mamond tribe in Bajaur Agency on Sunday assured the security forces of their full cooperation in the elimination of militancy and keeping the writ of the government in the area.

The tribesmen made this announcement during a jirga with the senior officials of the security forces at the Damadola area of Mamound tehsil.

Besides elders of the various sub tribes, leaders, members of Mamond peace committees, operation in charge of the Pakistan Army Brig Haidar Ali and other senior officials of the security forces were also in attendance.

Law and order situation, statues of peace committees Activities against the militants and tactics for keeping the writ of government in the area were discussed in the jirga.

The agency has been cleared from the militancy after the successful operation by the forces with the efforts of the tribesmen against the militants.

“The historical actions of the locals and the forces had badly defeated the militants and now the entire region was under the control of the security forces,” he added.

Brig Haidar Ali said that restoration of peace and writ of the government was a good achievement but the real jobs was its keeping because the militants the big enemies of the nation are still living across the border who were a serious threats for peace and prosperity of the region.

He urged the tribesmen to work for the larger interest of the area and said that this was the time the elders should play their role against the aggression of militants in the region.

“Fighting against the militants was not a tough task only Committed, team spirit, courage and unity are the basics things that could defeat the aims of militants forever,” he added.

He asked the elders to realize the responsibility of protection of motherland because being a tribesman maintaining stability in the region was the duty of every resident of the area

He appreciated the efforts of Mamond tribe against the militancy in the region and said that the government and the security force were proved the efforts and sacrifices of the elders rendered for the defense of the region.

The government and the security forces tribute the efforts of the Mamond tribe for the maintaining peace and stability in the region, he said

Addressing the jirga, tribal elders including Malik Sher Ali Khan. Malik Badshah Mir khan,Malik Shuaib khan ,Malik Ashraf Khan , Malik Sharifullah Khan, Malik Sultan khan and  others assured their full

Support to the security forces in maintaining law and order and writ of the government in the region.

“Mamond tribesmen had always supported the forces and played vital role against the elimination of militants activities in the region,” they added.

They elder said that they were ready to encounter cross border militants attacks in their area and will show their best performance if anyone could attack in the region.

“Mamond tribe will handle with iron hands those who could violated our borders and the laskhar of the volunteers would be extended to the hideouts of the militants living across the borders,” they warned.

The elders said that all the tribesmen are committed and united against the militants and they are capable to facing any challenge in their region and said that peace committees in all the areas are very effective and hundreds of new volunteers have recently joined the Qaumi laskhar.