The Supreme Court noted with concern that the pensioners who fortunately survived even after 15 years of retirement, are denied the benefit of increase of commuted amount after restoration. The court had very kindly decided and directed the government to restore the commuted amount of pension with increase i.e. as per the amount of half pension already being drawn on the expiry of 15 years.

An appeal by the Federal Government against the said order is said to have been rejected by the Supreme Court. The Punjab Government has however gone in ‘Review Petition’.

Meanwhile, a number of pensioners have already been allowed by different courts to draw the commuted amount of pension with increase. It would be pertinent to point out that the Puniab Ombudsman has also directed the Punjab Government to allow pension as such.

We, pray the Honorable worthy Chief Justice to very kindly decide the ‘Review Petition’ as early as possible to save the old pensioners (a few in numbers) from sky-rocketing inflation to enable them to die peacefully and honorably.


August 3.