In a TV interview telecast on July 22, Khawaja M Asif, Minister of Water and Power discussed in detail the reasons of energy and power crisis. He proposed short, medium and long term power projects including Diamer/Bhasha Dam, Bunji and Dassu, although these projects are vital but they are too far in the future to bring any relief from the current energy crises. Khawaja Sahib and the host deliberately did not discuss Kalabagh Dam, which can become operational in 6 years and produce 3600 MW power, provide water storage of 6.1 MAF, apart from controlling flood waters of five rivers. This criminal silence on the most important national project is not understandable. Have we become hostage of our overt and covert enemies? If KBD had been built as per schedule, it could have provided electricity at very cheap rates since twenty years, obviating the need of economy crippling IPPs and RPPs. Let sleeping dogs lie, but are we still not considering building KD?


Lahore, July 24.