A section of the National English press “Dawn of 31-07-2013” has reported that the raised Mangla dam has become the largest water reservoir with an expected storage of 7.6 MAF of water in the present season compared to 6.5 MAF capacity of Tarbela dam. This has been made possible due to storage of rain water of which August and September are reported to be heavy rainfall months. The gravity of water storage has been brought home to the nation by the rainfall storage potential in Pakistan. While Tarbela dam is outside monsoon range it is a dam like Mangla that would store rain water like Kalabagh dam which has been unfortunately made a victim of politics to the utter loss of the nation.

What good are our politicians if they can’t see eye to eye with their fellow politicians on important issues such as the election of a new President or in the making of a vital dam in public interest? This is all dubbed as ‘beauty of democracy’ to spell disorder and make ruinous policies to generate power at Rs. 10/- to 15/- per unit while ignoring hydel power at Rs. 1 to 2 per unit. It shows that our brand of democracy cannot deliver prosperity to masses by anti people policies.


Lahore, July 31.