VEHARI - A PML-N lawmaker has allegedly got Mepco Executive Engineer Shahid Nazir transferred because of the latter’s strict policy and excellent performance against electricity thieves.  The XEN had launched a grand operation against the electricity thieves. He caught 32 persons red handed, recovered Rs2,700,000 and also got 19 cases registered against them in different police stations.

Cases were registered against Muhammad Kauser, Lukman, Ghulam Murtaza of 46-WB, Naeem Ahmad of Vehari City in Thingi police, Khawer Shah in Mitroo police station, Aamir Hussain Shah, Khaliq Akhter, Rafique Akhter, Muhammad Yasin in Luddon police station, Muhammad Mumtaz of 481-EB in Thana Feteh Shah, Bashir Ahmad of 56-KB in luddon, Barkat Ali and Muhammad Ismayel in Thana Feteh Shah, Muhammad Wajid Nawaz of village Ghulam Shah, Muhammad Ahmad of Moza Bhidni, Baqir Ali of College Town, Muhammad Tariq Mehmood of People’s Colony and Khadim Hussain of Moza Joyan.

However, the XEN failed to get cases register against 13 alleged thieves including Muhammad Yaqoob, Muhammad Yasin, imtiaz Ahmad, Ghulam Fareed, Muhammad Amin, Zulfiqar, Nazir Ahmad, Bashir Ahmad, Sheikh Mehmood of 65 WB, Muzaffar Hussain Langrial, Syed Ejaz Hussain Shah of PPP and former nazim Sahibzada Nasir Mehmood.

These people are involved in electricity theft for a many years in Vehari, Mailsi and Burewala. Power theft is still underway as influential politicians and Wapda workers are also involved in the practice.

However, bureaucrats, industrialists, landlords and farmers are patronising these thieves. When contacted, the XEN refused to comment on the issue.

Sources said that the MNA had got the XEN transferred as the former had good relations with Ejaz Shah of PPP and ex nazim Nasir Mehmood. PML-N leader Tahmina Daultana, Shamila Aslam, Farah Manzoor, civil society members, Rana Abdul Aziz Khan, Tahir Sharif Gujjar, AD Sabir, Sarwer and Sajid Asif demanded an inquiry into the matter and withdrawal of the order of transfer of the XEN.