Increasing security concerns, inflation and many other factors have made the common man prefer to stay home than go out. This has created a need for more home based entertainment. Knowing this, private TV channel owners have come up with third grade entertainment, which includes Indian and Turkish plays. Does entertainment really mean shoving inappropriate displays down our throats? We had an excellent TV station, which catered to us as well as kept our social norms in mind.

It seems as if we all have lost our moral and ethical values as well as our social norms. I believe this is reflected in our TV shows. I also believed that we are an Islamic society, our values were respect, honour and integrity but which are now missing from these shows. Instead an inverse picture of our values is being depicted nationally and internationally. It may be true that some of this entertainment is comforting and maybe millions of people tend to smile, seeing this and may even forget their sorrows. But can we as a society, as a nation bear the loss? It is time we thought of where we are going and come up with long term decisions to make our TV shows more moral.


Karachi, August 4.