Postage Stamp on 100 Years of Sahiwal Dairy

LAHORE (PR): Pakistan Post is issuing a commemorative postage stamp of Rs. 8/- denomination on 100 years (1914 – 2014) Sahiwal Dairy Cattle Breed Conservation on August 05, 2014 (Tuesday). Earlier a postage stamp was launched during 1949 by the then Mamlikat-e-Khuda Dad Bahawalpur on the eve of Silver Jubilee celebrations (1924 – 1949).

Depicting the Sahiwal bull Humped or Zebu cattle (Bosindicus) were domesticated 7000–8000 years back in the then Indus valley, present day Pakistan. Out of the 450 tropical breeds, the zebu is the main type in the subcontinent and Africa. One of the best known zebu breeds is the Sahiwal in Pakistan which developed on the Indus plain especially in the Ganji bar.

Sahiwals are among the largest zebu cattle with a mature weight from 500 – 900 and 360 – 400 kg in male and female respectively. The coat colour is usually reddish dun or sorrel, but brown is also common. The cows have large, sometimes pendulous udders with big teats. The bulls have a large hump, which often leans to one side and a pendulous sheath. The dewlap is also large. The horns are small and commonly loose in the female. Male calves are being utilized for routine utilization as beef after fattening and especially for sacrificial purposes.

Honda and UBL join hands

LAHORE (PR): United Bank Limited (UBL) and Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited recently entered into an alliance offering an exclusive financing deal on all Honda cars. This alliance provides exciting offers to customers such as priority delivery, low processing fees, extended warranty, free fuel, free oil & filter change and quicker turn-around time.

The signing ceremony for this alliance was held at the UBL Regional Head Office in Lahore. Syed Taha Afzal, Head of Consumer Finance UBL, Ayaz Hafeez, Senior GM Marketing Honda with their respective teams were present for the signing ceremony. Takeharu Aoki, President/CEO Honda Atlas cars (Pakistan) Limited also graced the event. At the event, Mr. Taha Afzal, Head of Consumer Finance UBL said “UBL and Honda are leading institutions in their respective fields. This alliance brings forth the best of each organization’s offerings to provide maximum convenience and features to the customers”.

Ayaz Hafeez, Senior GM, Sales & Marketing Honda added “This alliance combines UBL’s financial prowess with the state of the art products being offered by Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited. This enhanced offering will provide exciting deals and financial flexibility to customers throughout Pakistan, on all our cars”.

Usman joins Khaadi

LAHORE (PR): Muhammad Usman, General Manager of an international brand Levi Strauss & Co. has joined Khaadi as General Manager after spending 11 successful years with Levi’s.

Khaadi, since opening its doors in 1998 is now a leading apparel and home textile brand of Pakistan. The company continues on its expansion strategy by opening several retail stores in Pakistan and abroad. Usman will be bringing in his strong retailing and marketing experience and will be an integral part of Khaadi’s aggressive expansion locally as well as globally.