ISLAMABAD - The Special Court on Tuesday turned down the request of former President Pervez Musharraf’s counsel to transfer the case to Karachi or adjourn it till August 16 in view of the prevailing situation in Islamabad.

Defence counsel Farogh Naseem argued that according to media reports, a large number of people across the country might throng the federal capital to participate in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Azadi March.

However, Justice Faisal Arab heading the three-judge Special Court, which is hearing high treason case against the former army chief, told Musharraf’s counsel that the court would later look into the matter.

During the proceedings, Pervez Musharraf’s counsels cross-examined Khalid Rasool, deputy director FIA, who had recorded Musharraf’s statement on July 9.

Khalid Rasool, on the query of the defence counsel, informed the court that following the directions of the head of FIA investigative team he had collected the documents from various departments. “I did not conduct any inquiry,” he said and added that besides him, other FIA officers Khalid Naeem and Shahzad Zafar also assisted the FIA inquiry team. The FIA deputy director said the FIA team had visited cabinet division, law ministry and PTV headquarters to collect the relevant documents. He informed that he was unaware on what date the investigative team completed inquiry and submitted the report, but according to the documents the investigations were completed on 16th November 2013.

On the question of Farogh Naseem, the deputy director FIA said it was true that once the inquiry is complete then permission from the relevant authority is necessary to reopen it. Khalid said that he neither had any written approval nor had any directions in this regard.

He told that he was unaware whether a case had been registered against Musharraf in the FIA circle or police station, adding he completed the task assigned to him. “My job was to collect the documents from various departments and in that regard investigative team officers Khalid Qureshi and Mehmood-ul-Hassan gave me verbal orders and I acted upon them.”

Khalid Rasool while replying to another question said that it was incorrect that there was a difference in the signatures of Musharraf as a chief of the army staff (COAS) and as a president.

Farogh questioned if FIA investigation team completed its inquiry on 11th November 2013 then under what authority he had collected the documents from various departments on November 18, 2013. Khalid Rasool replied he had visited the departments on the verbal orders of the relevant officers.

He informed the court that before becoming member of the FIA investigation team, he had not examined the documents and by not doing that he had not committed any illegal act. “I did not take any decision of my own,” the FIA deputy director replied.

Farogh Naseem contended that Khalid Qureshi was not authorised to collect the documents from relevant departments. However, Khalid stated whatever the steps he had taken were on Khalid Qureshi’s instructions, which were legal.

The defence counsel said the script of DVD presented before the court needed to be verified as Talib Hussain, PTV producer, who had submitted the DVD was not present when Musharraf’s 3rd November 2007 speech was recorded.

After the cross-examination of Khalid Maqbool, the lead prosecutor Akram Sheikh told the court that tomorrow (Wednesday) they will produce first Maqsood ul Hassan, another member of the investigation team, as he had also collected certain documents and recorded statements of the witnesses in the instant case.

The hearing was adjourned till today (Wednesday).