The Civil Aviation Authority and officials concerned did not allow the the landing of chartered plane of PTI President Javed Hashmi at Sialkot Airport here and it was diverted and sent back to Islamabad on Tuesday.

PTI Sialkot leader Umer Dar told newsmen that Mr Hashmi was scheduled to address an important meeting of the party workers in Daska city at 01:00pm on Tuesday. He said that the chartered plane reached in the limits of Sialkot International Airport at about 12:00pm while the CAA Sialkot and the government machinery did not allow Javed Hashmi’s plane to land at the airport. He said that the plane kept flying around the Sialkot airport for about 30 minutes and it tried thrice to land at the airport but the district administration did not permit it to land there.

Umer Dar added that the CAA officials made a lame excuse of bad weather for not allowing the plane to land at Sialkot airport. He said that the weather remained clear and sunny the whole day. He termed the incident an undemocratic and shameful act by the government and an “ample proof of state terrorism”.

Meanwhile, the PTI took out rallies in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and surrounding areas as a protest against government. Local PTI leaders Umer Dar, Usman Dar, Ali Ajad Malhi, Akmal Cheema and Shah Nawaz led these rallies. Hundreds of PTI workers participated in these rallies. They were carrying banners and placards and chanted anti-government slogans.

They also blocked the traffic for an hour on main Sialkot-Sambrial Road and Sialkot-Daska Road near BRB Canal Bridge by burning the tyres there and staging sit-ins there.

SWMC STARTS WORKING: The recently established Sialkot Waste Management Company has taken the control of cleanliness system in Sialkot city and now SWMC would be responsible for all the cleanliness-related issues in Sialkot city. DCO Nadeem Sarwar stated this while addressing a meeting of senior officials of Sialkot tehsil Municipal Administration. Administrator Naveed Shehzad Mirza, TMO Muhammad Zafar Qureshi and Project Director SWMC Rana Azhar Ali were also present.