The death of more than 28 people at Sea View is a sad reminder that we live in an insecure country. The primary responsibility of any country is to enforcing law and order and provide security for its citizens but we saw a complete lack of all this during the horrendous incident. The provision of life guards on beaches, fire fighters and rescue apparatus in the cities are meant to save lives. Amenities such as drinking water, electricity, hospitals, schools etc lie with those who collect taxes such as property tax, water tax, security and maintenance charges from residents of a city, or approved residential societies empowered to collect similar taxes. Every day scores of citizens of Karachi are killed and extorted by armed gangs, for which the sole responsibility lies on shoulders of the provincial government.

In case of Sea View, which falls under the jurisdiction of DHA and Clifton Board, both empowered to collect various taxes and give on rent land for use by restaurants and kiosks on the sea shore, the responsibility to employ guards and security personnel to ensure that no citizen goes into the sea, especially in high tide months from June to August also falls on them.

These two statutory bodies can seek assistance from police etc to fulfill their civic responsibilities in case there is extraordinary rush in peak days like Eid and other gazette holidays. It is also public knowledge that a deep ditch was dug near Sea View more than a decade ago by a contractor, but the work was not completed, and this deep ditch remains there. It is this place where every year hundreds of irresponsible citizens lose their life.

M T Ali,

Lahore, August 2.