PTI (Women Wing) President Pakistan Munaza Hassan has said that the whole of the Pakistani nation stands united under the leadership of PTI Chief Imran Khan to oust the incumbent rulers from power.

She said the PML-N rulers came to power through massive rigging in the 2013 general elections. She stated while addressing an important meeting of female party workers.

She lodged a strong protest against the government for not allowing PTI President Javaid Hashmi’s plane at Sialkot International Airport. Munaza Hassan said that the rulers were production of rigging due to which they had no right to rule the country. The masses were not ready to further accept them as their rulers, she added.

She alleged that the rulers were spending national exchequer on their personal political and social projection while the masses were dying due to unending hunger. She said that the incumbent rulers have miserably failed to deliver and they had also pushed the masses into crises. She said that the millions of people across Pakistan will participate in PTI’s Azadi Long March on Aug 14, 2014.

She narrated that PTI’s march will change the destiny of the country. Addressing important meetings of the party workers at Sialkot and Sambrial, she said that it is the democratic right to protest and bring the masses on roads to lodge strong protest against the PML-N government’s failed political and economical policies.