It is appreciable that the present government has announced recruitments of different posts, including Deputy Secretaries of the National Assembly. In the past the concerned ruling parties used to recruit their own people at lucrative posts. This is however a gigantic step taken by the Nawaz Govt. that it has decided to fill these posts through FPSC. However it is very alarming that the candidates holding Political Science and Sociology degrees are eligible for the said posts but degree holders in Urdu Literature are not eligible to become Deputy Secretary in the National Assembly.

Urdu is our national language but it has no respect in our society and it is not included in the list of subjects for recruitment in national institutions. Hence Urdu degree holders can only become teachers, lecturers or translators. If this is the level of respect for our mother tongue how can it compete with other languages? The government must consider sending an amendment to FPSC in the prerequisites for the recruitment of Deputy Secretary National Assembly to include Urdu Literature as one of the subjects.


Peshawar, August 4.