The security situation in the country necessitates consummate cooperation and harmony. Not only among the political leadership of the country but also in their political messages and public appeals. Pakistan’ Armed Forces are fighting decisive war against terrorism, resulting in an influx of IDPs in millions. In this situation all political stake holders should come up with practical strategies to mobilize human and financial resources to help the IDPs.

But unfortunately few political parties have opted for heating up the political issues. Instead of motivating the masses to gear up their moral, financial and practical support for operation against terrorists, these parties are focusing on their own political point scoring. Prime Minister has rightly given the message that these elements should fully support the operation and instead of working against the democratic set up they should utilize its platform to air their concerns. It is hoped that sanity will prevail and parties will decide in national interest to strengthen the democratic set up at such a crucial time.


Lahore, August 4.