Washington: General John F. Campbell U.S. Forces Commander in Afghanistan said that at least 4,000 Afghan security force members have started deserting their posts every month.

Speaking at Afghanistan's Future session held at the Brooking Institution in Washington DC, Campbell criticized senior security officials in Afghanistan and said the main reason for troops leaving was, because of a lack of a proper management of army and police personnel in Afghanistan.

Campbell though hopeful for the Afghan future said that the Taliban now have no other option, but to join the peace process that has started in Afghanistan because there is no way for them to topple the new Afghan government; even through war."The number of Taliban insurgents that have been killed this year is probably three or four times higher than it was last year. The Afghan security forces are suffering casualties but again they inflict a lot of casualties too. I think we do see signs of fracturing in the battlefield from the leadership, lack of supplies and lack of money," he said. He said the Taliban are tired of war and suggested they join the peace process.

According to Campbell, the Taliban have realized the need for joining the peace process because the Afghan government is too resilient to fall to the Taliban.

Talking about the ability of the Taliban, he said "They are not taking territory or meeting any strategic level goals that they set out for themselves initially. They are going to take a district and they are going to lose it. They are going to take another district center and lose it too."

He stressed: "They [Taliban] are competing against Daesh now in parts of Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile, Matt Sherman, an advisor to the four-star American general, who was also present at the session, pointed out the significance of the death of Taliban's supreme leader Mullah Omar which has said to further weaken the power of the Taliban and hence paved the way for the peace process. Sherman stressed this by saying, “"I think that is the real drive that will continue."