A groom was so stunned to see his wife without makeup the next morning after their wedding that he mistook her for a thief and is suing her for fraud. For grooms and brides around the world, looking into each others eyes for the first time as husband and wife the morning after their wedding day is a highly anticipated moment and one most never forget. But for these newlyweds, things didn’t plan out like they expected. An Algerian man saw his wife for the first time without makeup the morning after their wedding and is now suing her for fraud and psychological suffering. The groom was so shocked and confused, he was convinced his wife was a “thief who came to steal his apartment,” he told the court. The wife, completely unrecognisable to her husband, tried to calm him down. He eventually realised she wasn’t a thief, but the women he supposedly ‘loved’ just without makeup. The groom said he was deceived because she always packed on makeup and looked very attractive before the wedding.

Seeing her true colours scared him away. What kind of husband could be so superficial? Obviously one who wanted a trophy wife. He is claiming $20,000 in damages for trauma, what a gentleman, and as you would have hoped they are filing for divorce.