Politician Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has demanded that the government should bring MQM Chief Altaf Hussain back to Pakistan and try him for treason.

Addressing a news conference here at his residence on Wednesday, he added that Altaf Hussain committed treason by inviting India besides declaring his parents’ decisions to come to Pakistan wrong. He said that he always held a soft corner for Altaf Hussain and his party but his recent speech proved that he was India’s son and not Pakistan.

“Today, a person like me is compelled to demand Altaf Hussain’s extradition to Pakistan and if he is found guilty in treason trial, he should be punished like a traitor,” he asserted.

Referring to Supreme Court’s verdict on military courts, he said that the Supreme Court’s decision maintained parliament’s writ and gave legal and constitutional mandate to the military courts. He added that the decision strengthened the parliament. “Now when the military courts start giving decisions, they’ll be aware of the fact that there decisions are in line with Supreme Court’s verdict,” he said. He added that the Supreme Court’s verdict proved that there was no pressure on institutions while it also closed the door to all institutions to cross their limits.

To a question, he said that the military courts would give quick decisions against terrorists and it would promote peace in areas like Karachi where hundreds of people were killed. He said that military courts should take action against all irrespective of their status. “Even if the people produced before the courts are rulers, action should be taken against them,” he added. He said that the step injected new blood into justice system to take the terrorists to the task and now the terrorists should be crushed.

Hashmi reiterated that the situation and happenings confirmed what he said while quitting the party as today Justice Wajeehuddin and Hamid Khan were also saying the same things he had already said. He said that some people wanted to harm parliament, armed forces and PTI by promoting chaos.

“When Gen Raheel Sharif guaranteed Imran khan that judicial commission will be constituted, I asked him to go to victory stand and announce ending the sit-in as we achieved our desired goal. However, he did not understand what I said,” he recalled. He added that his paralysed shoulder worked for the parliament, Nawaz Government and brave armed forces and foiled all conspiracies. He said that he could have divided PTI by forming a forward block as many PTI members had asked him to go ahead but he did not take this step.

To a query, he said that some people wanted imposition of martial law in the country but he resigned from the assembly and prevented the country from martial law as well as assemblies from dissolution. He said that he differed with Imran khan on a principled stand and publicly said in presence of Shah Mahmood as well as members of core committee that we should not move towards parliament.

He said that Jahangir Khan Tareen whispered in the ear of Imran Khan in his presence while standing on the container and the PTI chief announced to move towards parliament. “The members of core committee were not present at then and I had asked Imran Khan to let the core committee convene again to review its previous decision but he did not consider my proposal,” he added. He said that when he asked Imran Khan about the reason of marching towards parliament, the PTI chief told him that they were not left with any other option since Tahir ul Qadri had moved with his men.

Responding to another question, he said that he had not made any formal decision regarding joining PML-N but he still regretted his decision to refuse Kalsoom Nawaz before joining PTI. He said that he stood with Kalsoom Nawaz as a brother during martial law when no one else stood with her. He said that he received phone calls of PML-N leaders from across the country but he would make a careful decision.