KARACHI  - The leather sector is fast losing its global market share to its competitors due to sheer negligence by the government and its subsidiaries. Chairman Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) South .Zone, Hamid A Zahur said that the leather exports have declined in volume by 28 per cent during current year. He said that the cost of doing business of entire leather sector including leather garments, gloves, footwear and finished leather has gone up by 12 per cent.

Hamid said that leather sector which has been the second largest export sector lost its competitiveness in comparison to Bangladesh, India, China, etc. Finished leather in value is down about 11pc and leather garments in value is down by about 9pc as well, he added.

Hamid said that the cost of doing business has gone up by 12pc to 14pc mainly because of higher cost of electricity which is higher by about 30pc among regional competitors, extreme load shedding, stuck-up claims of local taxes and exports not kept zero rated, higher rates of gas and its acute shortage, stuck up of heavy amounts in genuine refunds in shape of duty drawbacks, sales tax, income tax running into billions of rupees.