Every year country is facing havoc of flood and loss of human lives and damaged to property and crops. The government instead of finding a permanent solution waits and prayers for mercy, but even God helps those who help themselves. We get warnings from different sources that Pakistan there would be water shortage and our agricultural land will become a desert. After 20 years, our next survival war with India will be for water, not Kashmir. Why with all the warnings, those in power, are not planning or taking any action to prevent the disaster? Why does our government not show any concerns for the future of this country? Is it because they have no plans of living in it for a long period?

Why is the present government only spending on building metros and motorways, when it will be redundant if the prediction of water shortage is proved true? I suggest a ‘Flood Control Authority’ be established to handle the issue of floods and how the rain water can be stored in reservoir which can be built. This can be done all over the country where we see water flooding the surrounding area.


Lahore, July 28.