A: Do you think we argue too much?

S: No, I think we argue the perfect amount, are you getting tired of our conversations?

A: No, not really, although you do tend to get on my nerves sometimes.

S: I’ll take that as a compliment, I know I am making sense when you get all flustered and loud.

A: The only reason I get loud is because you won’t shut up. Have you ever been on the receiving end of your own egotistical, meandering rants? They should name a torture technique after you.

S: At least it is not as tortured as your analogies. I love watching you struggle to fit your conventional ‘norms and traditions’ into logical statement’s. They should name a comedy show after you.

A: See, we are arguing again, pointlessly this time.

S: There is never a pointless argument; set two opposing views across each other and let them hack it out between each other - that is the only way to reach the truth. Argumentation is the best barometer of truth the best fact finder.

A: Assuming the debaters of is equal skill. Debates are not always won by the person on the inherently stronger – or right – side of the debate, most of the time the more eloquent and skilled speaker wins, not the right one. Considering our legal system and legislature is based on adversarial argumentation; that is disturbing.

S: Is that your way of admitting I’m more eloquent and skilled than you?

A: You wish.