PESHAWAR: The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed the killing of judge in Rawalpindi in a statement today.

"Our special task force has targeted additional session judge Tahir Khan Niazi in Rawalpindi successfully," TTP spokesman Muhammad Khorasani said in an emailed statement, according to a TV channel, however, not stating why they had targeted Niazi. 

According to the police, Mr Niazi’s wife heard the door bell at around 1.30 pm and found a stranger at the door who forced his way inside the house and took her mobile phone. Mr Niazi rushed to his wife’s rescue and attempted to overpower the intruder when another man entered the house and shot him, injuring him critically. The two men fled the scene with a third, waiting outside the house on a motorcycle. They also took Mrs Niazi’s mobile phone with them. According to the police reports, the gunman used a 30-bore pistol and fired two shots, one of which hit the judge.

Threats and attacks on civilian judges and lawyers prompted the government to set up secret military courts in February to try militant suspects, following a Taliban massacre of 134 children at the Army Public School last December.