Washington: Daniel F. Feldman the US’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan is stepping down from his post.

While participating in a discussion organized by the United States Institute of Peace over Afghanistan’s situation on Wednesday, Feldman said that he is going back to the private sector. He did not elaborate the reason behind his resignation. Though, he put light about the political turmoil in the country.

He said that the death of Mullah Omar has in some instant complicated the reconciliation process but this could be an important event.

Feldman said that Taliban began their movement to put an end to the civil war in the country, now they need to decide whether to continue the war or end violence that is barricading Afghanistan’s development and become the legitimate part of the country’s politics.

In another part of his discussion, Feldman praised the recent peace talks between the delegations of Afghan government and Taliban in Islamabad and said that the credit of the improvement of relationship between Afghanistan and Pakistan must be given to President Ghani.

Stephen Hadley, chairman of the Board of Directors at the United States Institute of Peace said that although, President Ghani faced criticism from inside the country but he told Pakistan that he would keep its interests into consideration and act against Pakistani Taliban if Pakistan brings Afghan Taliban to the negotiation table.

He said Pakistani officials believe that President Ghani is the man of his words who wants renewed relationship with Pakistan.

Hadley said there are several other reasons that motivate Pakistan to play a role in the reconciliation process in Afghanistan. He added that Pakistani leaders took the threats of Pakistani Taliban more serious after the terrorist attack in Peshawar.