Afghanistan has been a plethora of complex wars for a long time. The peaceful atmosphere is supposed to be a long-lasting dream. The precious and priceless lives have been devoured every day. However, one can easily imagine how long Afghanistan has touched economic destruction by considering that the country seeks 90 percent GDP from foreign states. The social affairs of the sorry state are also highly affected. Pondering over unemployment ratio, it has extended to sky grabbing 50 percent unemployment. No doubt, the society is overall tangled with multiple quagmires that hinder the country from becoming a peaceful place. On the one hand, Taliban and Al-Qaeda have dangerously threatened the country, Islamic State (IS) has also taken influence there, on the other hand.

Why do Taliban not make a peace talk with Afghan government? The major reason behind this is unsatisfied US involvement. The US wants to dominate over Afghanistan. Besides, The US has willingly sent her three thousand troops to Afghanistan for fighting a war against venomous terrorism. Yes, this is the main obstacle for Taliban that they are unwilling to make a peace talk with Afghan regime.


Shikarpur Sindh, July 20.