Pakistan has suffered enough at hands of men blinded by greed, who have plundered and abused it endlessly, leaving behind a country with a burdening external debt exceeding acceptable limits. The decrease in exports exposes the country to a recession and economic instability, with liabilities and debts exceeding total foreign exchange reserves. 

Almost every elected civil political executive and dictators through abuse of powers are responsible for the erosion of ethics of governance, patronizing corruption and bribery by making a mockery of accountability. If Pakistan is to exist as a sovereign independent nation, it has to be seen to enforce rule of law with an independent judiciary and equally strong state regulatory authorities ensuring nobody dares to be openly involved in rampant corruption and bribery that has infected every organ of state. 

It is unfortunate fate of this country that those seeking elected public offices have no regard to constitutional obligations for appointing best-qualified men with integrity, on merit, to hold constitutional public offices. State assets and institutions are treated as spoils of war. It is not that our ruling elite lack capability to select and evaluate the right man for the job, which can assess by their choice of CEO and CFO to head their own business houses. 

There is a big business house “Omni Group” owned by biggest stake holders in Sind, which has employed a CFO with unquestionable integrity and qualifications, in addition to vast experience in fund management, banking etc. The same holds true for a choice of executives to manage business empires and trading houses owned by other political stake holders in Punjab, KPK, and Baluchistan. 

Tons of Ephedrine was unaccounted while thousands of Hajj and Umrah pilgrims were fleeced yet nobody is punished. Assets worth billions of dollars owned by politicians, serving or retired bureaucrats and men in khaki who have held public offices exist in Gulf, Europe, Canada, USA, Australia and Far East which cannot be accounted for by their declared tax returns, nor is there any money trail, which justifies allegations of money laundering and tax evasion, neither allow them to be gifted millions of dollars by foreign kings. 


Lahore, July 11.