The PTI-led campaign against corruption has so far targeted only their key opposition party PML-N; it seems that they are pursuing their political aim of getting into power by hook or crook rather than going after corruption per se. If eradication of corruption is their agenda, leaders of previous PPP Government, who are joining PTI in large numbers, would have been their prime targets that have many corruption scandals against them rather than PML-N. Whether one likes it or not, the PML-N government has no major corruption scandal during last four years of government. They have also delivered on an economic front, with CPEC a major game changer, and even load-shedding has been reduced considerably. So far the “corruption charges” that have been brought forward by JIT is mainly about the personal business of PML-N leadership, that too of many decades ago, and do not involve looting of public money. By no means, I am condoning corruption by leaders while doing their personal businesses, but for me, the bigger corruption is looting the public money. 

When the selective justice tailored to suit political aims rather than national interest seems to be the obvious purpose of PTI, I would urge the decision makers to ensure that they adhere to highest professional levels and not get involved in any ham-handed efforts of raking up dirt on rivals as this will only erode public confidence in democratic institutions. 


UK, July 19.