MATIARI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh leader Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that there is a dire need to oust the Zardari mafia from Sindh so that the people of the province can also enjoy the fruit of progress and prosperity

The PTI leader was addressing different receptions given by the masses to their ‘Shukirya Pakistan rally’ after it reached Bhit Shah district Matiari on Sunday.

The two-day ‘Thanks Pakistan, the Captain has come!’ rally that had left Karachi the other day and stayed for a night in Hyderabad reached Bhit Shah Matiari, where Haleem Adil Sheikh who led the rally put a floral wreath on the shrine and offered Fateha. A large number of the PTI activists were also present.

Earlier, upon arrival of the rally in Hyderabad late Saturday night, it was accorded a warm welcome. The rally marched on different roads and streets of Latifabad and celebrated the win of PTI along with the citizens.

Talking to media at the residence of PTI Sindh chapter vice president Ameenullah Moosakhel, Haleem Adil said a two-day program has already been set for the people of interior Sindh to celebrate the win of PTI and later we will also go to the other districts in the next phase. He said now there is no place for the corrupt rulers in Pakistan. He said whosoever would commit corruption he would go to jail.

Haleem Adil said the PTI is going to form its government in three provinces of Pakistan. He said we will not allow PPP this time to commit atrocities to poor people. He said 30 PMAs of PTI would play the role of a strong opposition in the Sindh Assembly. He said this would be the first time, when the government would be run without ‘diesel’. He said America herself has to pay back huge loans to China. He said in the PTI government the country would attain more progress.

The PTI provincial leader said Sindh is the land of Sufis and saints. Here the shrines of great Sufis like Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and Lal Shahbaz Qalandar are present. He said the rulers have committed excesses to the GDA in the interior Sindh, adding we are with the GDA in their protest. He said the PPP has already been vanished from three other provinces, and now is the time to wipe out Zardari mafia from Sindh also.

Haleem Adil said that Captain Imran Khan is a great leader of whole country and he will not leave the people of Sindh alone. He said the PTI would extend all-out help to the people of Sindh and provide basic facilities to the masses.

Later, the rally reached Sanghar via Hala, Matiari, Sakrand and Nawabshah, where it was warmly welcomed and showered with rose petals.

The rally is scheduled to reach Mirpurkhas where big celebrations have been organised.