KASUR-The police claimed to have arrested 522 outlaws including 168 proclaimed offenders and court absconders in operations conducted during the previous month.

According to a police spokesman, the police also nabbed 202 compulsive criminals, and 47 others to ensure peaceful holding of July 25 polls. The operations supervised by Kasur DPO Muntazir Mehdi were conducted under directives from the RPO Sheikhupura region. The police arrested as many as 134 hardened proclaimed offenders and 34 court absconders belonging to Category A and were wanted by the law-enforcement agencies in different dacoity and robbery incidents. In the same way, the police arrested six outlaws working for two different gangs and recovered Rs500,000 cash, illegal arms and other valuables.

During a special operation, the police arrested 102 drug-peddlers and recovered 35kg of weed, 823 litres of liquor, 120 litres of lahen, and four active furnaces from their possession and launched investigation against them. Similarly, the police recovered illegal weapons including 10 rifles, 13 guns, 81 pistols, a Kalashnikov, a carbon and eight magazines from 106 suspects and registered cases against them. In a raid on a gambling den, the police caught a number of gamblers red-handed and recovered hundreds of thousands of rupees in cash they were using to gamble. In order to ensure peace and voters' safety, the police arrested a total of 202 habitual criminals and 47 other outlaws.

They put them behind bars, including their criminal activities into police records. The police also conducted search operations on a daily basis in which dozens of criminals were taken into custody and FIR were registered against them. After the Almighty, it was due to the police's endeavours that elections passed peacefully.