ISLAMABAD - DC Rawalpindi, Dr Umer Jahangir said that  6500 private schools of the district will be directed to enrol 10 percent poor and needy students in their institutions to provide free education.

He said the Punjab Free and Compulsory Education Act 2014 has been implemented in Rawalpindi district and the administration of all the private schools have been directed to send details of poor and needy students, getting free education or a subsidized fee.

The education department has also been instructed to complete the categorization of private schools according to their set up so that in the next phase, Standard Operating Procedures could be issued for them in accordance with their category.

He said, efforts would be made to arrange free school education for all out of school children.

The right to education movement has been launched here with an aim to completely eradicate illiteracy and alleviate poverty by providing free quality education to all children who could not attend schools for various reasons, especially since only educated youth can change the fate of our country. Public-private partnership would be promoted in the district in this regard, he added.

Dr Umer Jahangir said the schools which cannot enrol 10 percent poor students would issue fee vouchers so that deserving students could get free education in other institutions.

The government had already introduced free education facility in public sectors schools for the promotion of education and with the participation of private schools in this noble cause, the literacy rate would further improve.