CHITRAL-An incinerator installed at the District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital in June 2016 has not yet to been made functional thus the disposal of medical waste is still a major issue for the management. Incineration is a waste treatment process that involves the combustion of organic substances contained in the hospital waste materials. Officials in the hospital said the incinerator was acquired through a private party under the Central Asia Health System Strengthening Project at a cost of Rs200 million but soon after its installation it transpired that the machine consumes 25 litres of fuel to burn just 15kg of waste due to some faults.

As a result, the hospital stopped using the incinerator for waste disposal. But it is not clear why the hospital management and the local health department accepted the donated incinerator through the private party and without properly checking the machine.

A staff member of the hospital said an investigation was needed to ascertain the facts behind the purchase of the faulty incinerator through the NGO. He said the absence of a proper system to dispose of hospital waste was posing grave threats to the health of patients and their attendants.