Karachi-Since the launch of the first episode of Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 03, the show has successfully managed to engage the audience by showcasing exceptionally talented bands and offering us top 08, and then giving us an emotional ride with elimination of two bands and announcing top 06 in the previous episode.

The fourth installment is inevitably no less in keeping that momentum of excitement intact as we see Kashmir, the winning band from Season 2, making their comeback on the very same platform from where they began their musical journey.

Setting the right mood for this episode’s knock-out round’s theme which is bringing original tracks of all bands to you, Kashmir performed their new track Darbadar which is not a song to miss.

The song is about the struggle to fight helplessness in a state where you feel stuck, lost, and confused while you had previously felt so content in the same place. It’s a feeling that every individual goes through and then tries to find solace in another person, only to realize in the end that that the person we need to find is within ourselves. Talking about their return to this stage, the band members said that the feeling of being back here is overwhelming for them and brought back so many memories from their time of participating as contestants on the show.

Receiving constant appreciation and consecutive standing ovations from all the judges, the highlight of this episode was Tamasha. The band performed their song titled Roshni that focuses on hope, its presence, and its inevitability in dark situations. By the end of their performance, judges were not only seen fully enjoying the song but also ended up granting another standing ovation to the band. Fawad

Khan went a step ahead and stood on the table to appreciate the marvel that was performed by Tamasha.

Xarb, which is known for being constant in giving some memorable and soulful performances and has also received consecutive standing ovations, performed a very powerful number titled 'Deewar'.

The song speaks about breaking barriers, both internal and external, and embracing change. It talks about ending conflicts and spreading positivity. Highly appreciated by all the judges for moving out of their known comfort zone of Sufi and Qawwali genre, the band, as pointed out by Bilal Maqsood, truly explored themselves and went a step above on this platform.

21 The Band was one of those who received mixed reviews in previous episode but won the confidence of judges back in this episode by their power-packed performance on their very own track titled, Mein Bolun. The song aims at portraying a feeling of acceptance that an individual goes through. The band pays tribute to their signature sound in this track as it has elements of pop rock and punk rock and a catchy melody that will leave a lasting impact on their listeners. The band received positive reviews from all judges and was suggested to go a step ahead and bring more versatility to their compositions going forward.

The band that survived the danger zone last week was Bayaan. This week, they decided not to take any risks and performed their original titled Tau Kya Hua.

The song was composed by Asfar a few years back and the band has revisited its arrangement to give it a flavor of their own sound. The song talks about the search for purpose and the greater good after losing direction. It gives out a message that despite all odds and debacles, life goes on. While the lyrics had a message for the listeners, and the performance was also on point, the band could not impress the judges enough and once again ended up in bottom three this week mainly because as pointed by Faisal Kapadia, the expectations from the bands are extremely high this year.

The two bands bidding farewell to the show this week were Kaghaz and Déjà vu. Kaghaz’s song Gunahgaro is a powerful satirical tune about how our society tends to exploit the evil that is present amongst us. Déjà vu on the other hand performed their song Bus kar ji. This song is a sufi poetry of Baba Bulleh Shah ji and was originally composed by the band’s drummer Amanat Ali back in 2011.

The band rearranged the song in Sufi rock style and to add a new flavor to their sound Amanat Ali was seen singing this song along with the main vocalist. Unfortunately, it was a sad day for both bands as they ended up in bottom-three and couldn’t make it to the next round.