ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education (PAGE) announced Aamina Sheikh as its Global Ambassador for Girls’ Education. Aamina is an acclaimed actress, well- recognized for her extensive work on television and film both, performing roles that highlight serious social issues particularly around gender and female empowerment.

Aamina Sheikh has joined hands with Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education to bridge the gap between educational inequalities in Pakistan, and inspire young girls, with fewer opportunities, and poorer backgrounds towards prosperous futures.

PAGE strives for the provision of equal opportunities for education for both genders, particularly focusing on improving the female literacy landscape in Pakistan.

PAGE works to improve the gender gap through policy analysis and recommendations, advocacy and supporting women entrepreneurship within the education sector.

PAGE in collaboration with American Refugee Committee Pakistan, (ARC Pakistan) provides a platform to promote girls’ education and leadership. Under the partnership, PAGE has started to set up Star Schools which are a part of the nationwide 'Out-of-School-Children' (OOSC) program that aims to enrol one million young boys and girls into schools, both formal and informal all over the country.

Amina Sheikh is committed to supporting PAGE. She says “The purpose of one’s life must be greater than the self, to bring lasting change“. As a global ambassador for girls’ education campaign, she will inspire young girls and the community at large to understand how vital a role education plays, both in personal transformation and national development.