KARACHI - Switching of political affiliation continued in Karachi as many political workers once associated with Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and others on Sunday announced joining Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Imran Khan led PTI which had emerged as a new political force of Karachi after marking victory on major numbers of Karachi constituencies is currently witnessing an addition of political in its organisational structure.

PSP Labour federation president Tauqeer Ahmed who earlier jumped in Kamal‘s PSP after quitting MQM in his recent move became the part of PTI after leaving Mustafa Kamal party which faced worse defeat in July 25th polls.

Similarly, other political activists Zulfiqar Qureshi who was affiliated with MQM later joined PSP and just before election jumped into former President led All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) in his fresh shift jumped into Imran Khan-led PTI.

Furthermore, many other workers and office bearers including PSP Muhammad Hanif, Shah Wazir Khan, Imran Zaidi, Jameel Sodagar, Muhammad Shakir Ali, Farhan Ali, Muhammad Faiz Abdul Sattar, Fahad Raza, Kamran Kareem Khan, Nasir Ali KhSan, Saif Mir, Mina Zaidi, Raheel Sheikh, Mansoor Shah, Shakeel Haider while independent candidate of general election NA-254 Syed Abdul Mateen and KPT Labour Leader Lala Nazir were the prominent figures those have switched loyalties in recent shift.

Addressing a press conference at Insaf House Karachi following the induction of the new faces in PTI Karachi Chapter, Firdous Shamim Naqvi said that slogan of ‘Change’ producing results and people from all walks of life were joining PTI ranks endorsing the ideology of Imran Khan.

He said that on July 25th poll people of Karachi gave the mandate to PTI and hopefully party would bring out the citizen from the crisis. Today political workers and office bearers of various parties have joined PTI and party leadership welcome them on becoming the part of none corrupt political force, he added.

Talking about the PTI-MQM alliance, Naqvi said that current circumstance compel PTI to shake hand with MQM-Pakistan and everyone is aware that party leadership took this decision to increase the number of votes for PTI candidate for Prime Minister slot. In past MQM-P did enjoy the mandate but failed to bring the people out of crisis whereas the failure of MQM-P elected Mayor Karachi in serving the masses was the main reason behind MQM defeat in general election.

Speaking on the occasion, Tauqeer Ahmed said that for the first time in the history of country transparent polls were conducted and majority gave their decision in favor of Imran Khan. After the polls I suggested PSP leadership to support PTI legislators for the progress of Karachi instead of making woes and cries over election results.

Zulfiqar Qureshi on the occasion told the media men that Imran Khan is the only hope of people and soon large numbers of workers and leaders affiliated with APML Karachi Chapter will join PTI with an agenda to bring betterment in Karachi.

Meanwhile, the situation turned unpleasant when Firdous Shamim Naqvi responded heatedly to a media man question. After receiving theatrical response from PTI Karachi Chapter Chief the media men boycotted the presser.